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Muskoka Cottage Builders

Muskoka Cottage Builders Blending Tradition and Comfort

Thinking about creating your new vacation residence in Muskoka by building a new cottage on the lake? Edenlane Muskoka has crafted fine cottages and homes designed for your lifestyle for over 25 years. We do not use preplanned designs, but rather begin each project by meeting with you, surveying the site, and crafting a working design just right for weekend escapes, summer living, and year round comfort. Your cottage will look like it has always been part of the landscape while delivering ease of mind construction along with your own style.

Do you have a design that you like but you're still looking for the perfect company to execute it to your standards? Edenlane will make that vision a reality. Just contact us today to start planning. 


A Family-owned Cottage Construction Company You can Trust

We back each of our cottage projects with a two-year warranty and periodically check back with clients to ensure that their project maintains its lasting durability. We keep our eye on the numerous details that encompass each project to ensure that the end result surpasses your expectations. 


Designing Homes for Our New Neighbors

As long standing residence of Muskoka we have love the familiar design of traditional cottages. However, we also embrace modern architecture. Our construction company is eager to find the perfect blend of the two disciplines to deliver a home that feels as natural as its surroundings.

If you are seeking Muskoka cottage builders that will deliver results, begin and end your search with Edenlane Muskoka. Call us today to schedule your personal consultation.

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