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On Budget

Delivering New Custom Cottages on Budget

Have your friends built a cottage and were constantly talking about overruns and surprise expense reports? At Edenlane Muskoka we deliver custom home design with a focus that helps us deliver on budget time and time again. It takes years of experience to properly identify challenges often encountered during a build. We have been helping people create a calm escape to the woods and water for over 25 years and have learned how to avoid common pitfalls along the way.

Local Construction Companies working with Our Neighbors

Our family has called this area our home for decades. We enjoy welcoming new homeowners to the neighborhood and offer all the services you might need from local construction companies. We can draft a floor plan and home design from scratch based on your location and desires. We provide all the construction services and site supervision. We coordinate with your interior designer to ensure that each amenity is properly powered and plumbed. You get a set of keys for your move-in ready dream cottage.


We Listen, Build, Deliver, and Maintain

Custom does not just mean offering luxurious finishes, it also means that your house will work according to your specific needs. You will have enough bedrooms, the added privacy of a master spa, or a kitchen that a chef could love. The options are endless. 

Would you like to learn more about the building and design process offered by Edenlane Muskoka? Give us a call and set up an in-person consultation today.

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