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A Muskoka Cottage fit for Entertaining - Moon River Build

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Come along with us as we take you through one of our latest builds on Moon River in Bala.

After years of dreaming about this this one-of-a-kind custom cottage on Moon River, the owners of this unique Muskoka property hired Edenlane to deliver on their vision. Designed by award-winning AATO Gary Clark, this beautiful cottage boasts an open-concept living space complete with vaulted ceilings and intricate roof lines. Fit for entertaining and with the needs of each family member in mind, this project was a joy to work on.

We began by meeting with the family to discuss their vision for their legacy home in Bala and we broke ground approximately eighteen months before the build was complete. The owners wanted enough space for their children and friends to spend time together and they love to entertain large groups at least annually. With this and many other dream details in mind, our team got to work designing a cost-effective space that would suit both small and large gatherings and would still have all of the creature comforts of home.

Once the design was ready, we got to work securing all of the appropriate permits to begin construction. The build was underway shortly after that and we met with the family often along the way to share updates and discuss any changes they had in mind. When the build was complete and ready for handover, the family moved in and began enjoying their custom dream space.

Situated directly on Moon River, this property has an excellent view of the water and is also secluded enough for privacy and personal enjoyment. Close enough to neighbours on the lake, the owners host annual gatherings at this property and were able to do so for the first time in their new custom cottage this past summer. They even added a small putting green to the property!

The exterior of this home mirrors the Muskoka terrain with its mix of materials like wood and stone. Unlike some of the more modern builds we have done, this custom build puts a contemporary spin on traditional roof lines and boasts large wood trusses, creating a modern/rustic feel. Complete with vaulted ceilings featuring fir beams, a floor t0 ceiling fireplace, four bedrooms and four bathrooms, this custom build also boasts a large wine room for the family's extensive wine collection.

We sincerely enjoyed our time working with this family and we know they will enjoy hosting friends and family in this beautiful space for many years to come.

Are you interested in building your own custom home or cottage in Muskoka or surrounding area? Get in touch with us today to start dreaming. Are you not sure where to start but you want to learn more? Download our 7-Step-Guide to learn more about how to select a builder, how to budget for your dream home, choosing the perfect property, and more.

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