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Competitive Prices

Building High Quality Cottages at Competitive Prices

When you decide to build your dream cottage, you will likely do some shopping around. At Edenlane, we build high quality custom cottages at competitive prices. Instead of using a standard plan or design, Edenlane starts from scratch on every project to ensure we deliver on your vision. You will not find any "cookie cutter" designs here. It is possible to enjoy your dream home and stay within your budget. 


Home Builders Welcoming a New Generation of Owners

Whether your family is relatively small or still growing, we will build something that will last for generations to come.  Opt for large windows, classic styling, and a rustic interior and imagine spending your weekends with your family at a slower pace and make memories that will last a lifetime. 


Designing Your Space from the Ground Up

Each cottage begins by working closely with you and inspecting the property. We can show you how to save by building closer to an established road and leaving more room on the water for a large outdoor deck. Are you planning on working from home? We can design a home office ready to expand into a guest room on weekends. We will show you how to build the space that is right for you and your family.

You know you want to build a little place on the water, but you're still unsure if it will fit into your financial plan? Connect with Edenlane Muskoka and learn just how possible it is to build something right for you and within your budget. 

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