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Demolition for your Custom Home or Cottage Build - 5 Things you Need to Know

1. You Need a Permit

You can apply for a permit yourself for demolition or you can work with your builder to do so. The application is typically around one hundred dollars, and it is usually the easiest permit to apply for. For the building department to close off the permit, you will need to have an inspection once it is completed to verify that it has been demolished as per the permit.

2. You may need an Inspection for Hazardous Waste

If you suspect that you have hazardous waste in your cottage or home, you will need to investigate ways to remove this in consideration of the safety of the crew. You can work closely with your builder who may also consult an environmental engineer to investigate the potential of hazardous waste. Hazardous waste is disposed of in separate containers and some municipalities require this as a first step to demolition.

3. You need to Disconnect the Hydro Line

You will need to contact hydro to disconnect the main hydro feed to prevent any potential fires from occurring during the demolition of your cottage or home. The excavator will double check to ensure you have done this so that they can begin your work. They will not proceed if this step is not completed. If you want to reuse other buildings on the property, like your garage, you may want to disconnect power cables from the main house if you are going to keep the building.

4. You need to Consider Safety

You may need to have to consider fencing around excavated basements and any other large areas that have resulted from the demolition process. As well, there may be left over glass, metal, and other sharp and hazardous objects left on the construction site after demolition. Take precautions with construction certified footwear and gloves. You may also want to put up a sign to alert anyone who may be visiting your property.

5. You need to Remove Items you Intend on Keeping

You do not have to completely empty the cottage if you are okay with certain items going to the dump. Make sure you take out items that you want to keep or that are sentimental to you. If there are things that you do not want to keep but they are in good condition, you can call charities like Habitat for Humanity who will come and remove certain items to be reused (ex. Existing kitchen cabinetry, vanities, toilettes, furniture, etc.).

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